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Today’s Teachers…

Thank you to the teachers of today…

Who deal with so many challengesā€¦Yet.. their love and passion prevail for their children…
Back when I began in the seventies, teaching was filled with hope and optimismā€¦
Retiring three years agoā€¦my feelings about teaching had changed dramatically over the years…

Due in part to the blame we teachers felt for all the ills with the failure to educate our childrenā€¦

And now since retiring, this has not changedā€¦and in fact has gotten worseā€¦

Teachers have been dealing with fewer resources since ā€œNo Child Left Behindā€ of the Ninetiesā€¦ due to children over testedā€¦ being taught with developmentally, inappropriate curriculumā€¦

Andā€¦.moreoverā€¦since the election of Donald Trump and his choice of Betsy DeVos; as Secretary of Education; who admittedly prefers privatization, and has absolutely no experience with public school education…

Our public schools are sufferingā€¦Tax dollars that could be going to our childrenā€¦get allocated to privatization ā€¦Our children lose out and thus teachers must work even harder!…

Teacher’s today are speaking outā€¦And rightfully soā€¦.They know what is at stakeā€¦They want better for our childrenā€¦Teachers are required to teach with inadequate funding and resources, earn less than many other professions ā€¦Yet many do stay! Their passion for our children prevailā€¦

Sadlyā€¦However, there are many teachers who can notā€¦They can not endure all the challengesā€¦And we can not blame themā€¦.When our government does not careā€¦

Because many of the brightest, talented young people may not choose to teach, and our teachers are leaving the professionā€¦we now are facing a teacher shortageā€¦

If we want dedicated, talented, creative young people of today to become teachersā€¦we need to do so much betterā€¦And moreover take the opportunity to vote for candidates that support teachers and public schoolsā€¦for our childrenā€¦


Retired elementary, public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each dayā€¦

2 thoughts on “Today’s Teachers…

  1. I cannot agree with you more dear Janis. The situation is the same here, and we donā€™t even have a Trump! We need the Will of the majority to change the ā€˜systemā€™, i.e. people who take charge on our behalf without consulting Everyone. Take care dear friend. Iā€™m not on facebook much these days. Lots love, Andrew.

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    1. Dearest Andrew…How wonderful hearing from you…I lookout for you on Facebook…Thank you for sharing..
      We all need to keep speak out for our children…We want better for teachers so they can do their best,!
      Take care… Blessings to you and your family… this Season of Thanks…Love, Janis


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