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February… a Busy Month…

We love the month of February…We have so much to look forward to besides the stressors and rigors of curriculum and testing....

With my planning and organization, I do find creative ways to allow time for celebrating Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day through creative writing, reading ,and art… Might even utilize math activities, as well...

The children wrote a Valentine’s Day poem to their family, with illustrations; decorated Valentine’s bags, and brought in cards for their classmates that were to be done by themselves….We had a Valentine Social sharing our love and exchanging Valentines….

The children loved learning about our Presidents; George Washington and Abraham Lincoln…We learned about the history of our Flag….

We will celebrate this patriotic unit with a culminating activity for our parents; a patriotic program that will include songs that we learned in our music class….All our first graders will share in this exciting performance, and our wonderful music teacher directing…

Teaching should really be about making learning fun and interesting…. It really is so much more than tests and collecting data….

I am forever holding on to NEW BEGINNINGS… March is here!!!! Happy Spring… on its way!!!!


Retired elementary public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each day…

6 thoughts on “February… a Busy Month…

  1. There was an incident in a junior school that hit the main TV news last night. Not, thankfully, a violent one, but one that, never-the-less, received a lot of condemnation from the parents of the children involved. It appears that the teacher of an unruly class, probably on reaching the end of her tether, took it upon herself to silence her charges by sticking Sellotape over their mouths. The headmaster, in front of the camera, was in pains to remark this was a one-off action on behalf of a teacher who was immediately suspended, and that a thorough review would be undertaken ( no doubt so that this incident wouldn’t, couldn’t, happen again ).
    Would the BBC then report on the school’s findings? I think not. So, OK, it was a bit over-the-top. But so was some parent’s comments. One child suffered a thoroughly nasty rash, which, probably as far as the parent was concerned, would disfigure the child for life. I sympathise with both ‘sides’, but it seems all the news item wanted to do was pronounce the teacher guilty of a heinous crime.
    Let sense prevail! I am sure, with an understanding head teacher who always listens to his staff and offers support, as well as his pupils, and acts before teachers feel as this lady did, that there would be far fewer such incidents.
    Any-road-up, I don’t think our schooling celebrates historical events half as much as yours. With the exception of the 100 year beginning of the First World War. Can children at an early age understand the horror of war on this scale? I think so. We may yet have a generation willing to live in love, joy and peace with each other.
    Methinks Spring has arrived here, judging from the mild, sunny weather we’ve enjoyed the last fortnight or so. Hoping Spring has also begone with earnest where you are,
    Lots love, and thanks for your post,


    1. Dearest Andrew… How I appreciate your comments and insights… Thank you for sharing that unfortunate incident…. I can see how a teacher might lose her composure…. Here in the U.S..we have many children who need help and we are alone many times without the proper resources… That does not excuse her choice… Also, if we could hire the best of the best teachers, they need to make teaching a more valued profession… Many of our young teachers will not remain.. There will and are teacher shortages in certain areas… Blessings always to you and your family… Janis💝


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