Celebrate…100 days!…

Monday, February 3rd  will be our “100 days”  of the school year celebration… This is a milestone for us… On this special occasion, learning activities, especially in math will    commemorate this special milestone…

” What can we count using the magical number”100″?

“If you were given $100.00, how would you spend the money?”

At this time, first graders are realizing they can do  more learning becoming active in their learning; listening and following teacher directions; becoming more independent…I can read!

Now, we  are more than half way on the path to becoming a second grader!


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2 thoughts on “Celebrate…100 days!…

  1. andrewmstevenson says:

    I like the idea of creating milestones: to look back to where students started and then realise in a meaningful way how much progress they have made. A form of reward that says ‘I couldn’t do this before, but now I can’ . Has it made a difference to me? Well, yes! So many stories I didn’t know were there. I love it!
    That’s the theory, and I’m sure it’s sound. It works well for adults too. I’ll diverge here and ask you: how would you like to live in a world without money? Your question to your students asks what would you spend $100 on? It’s a measure of how much reliance we put on having, or not having money. I started asking myself if we took money away, entirely, what would happen. I wrote a piece I’m putting on my Face Book site about this, and today was pleasantly surprised to find I’m not unique in asking this question. This is a site I came across:-
    Not so daft after all! Perhaps some of your young students will live to see a moneyless society happen. I hope so.


    • janisexton says:

      Andrew…Bless you… I so appreciate your insights…Yes, to them this was a big milestone.. We did write about what they would spend $100… Being children… They did write about material “stuff”… Not having much… This is quite important.. It is up to their learning values of learning and an education… I hope that will be what they value the most… You are a Dear!


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