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Second Chances…


Many of my children come from homes without structure…Some may even come from neglect and chaos…I have always believed children are precious and innocent, hearts filled with love…

Yet, because of dire circumstance, some can exhibit instability and anger…
So much of my day is teaching my children how to operate safely, hoping to enable empowerment and inspiration….

What makes our teaching more challenging is the lack of funds in Public Education and Title I schools; our resources are fewer, however expectations are more demanding,

Now more than ever, funding is critical!!!

We must be able to teach with a smaller class size, to be able to provide more one to one help for our children from these unstructured home situations ….

And moreover, the benefit of having a well trained paraprofessional assigned to aid in those special demands of children who are in need of extra attention …

Our school does have a guidance counselor however, he or she is so tied up with RTI data and coordinating meetings….Because of this lack of funds, there is a need for more counselors who can give all those special children the benefit from a strong guidance counseling program…

However, they may fall through the cracks!…It is our hope to give each child their opportunity…to be a success…

Even as many teachers try with all their efforts, in spite of these challenges…

It is so heartbreaking that because of fewer resources and funding…We may not able to provide some of our children their chance… deserving that chance to become their best!!!


Retired elementary public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each day…

2 thoughts on “Second Chances…

  1. Yes, I agree totally dear Janis. I was saddened to watch an Upworthy video on falling USA Education Budgets and misconceptions thereof. In these terms, the USA is failing its children, especially it’s youngest.
    It doesn’t need me to tell you that your country is storing up problems for the future, that will cost much more to rectify, in the end. Both in fiscal and humanitarian terms.
    Very short sighted, of course. As is the policy of using private contractors to test, and report on, young children. I see that as using children as commodities, to be used or discarded. So sad.
    But, and for me there has to be a but, the sooner parents and other concerned people are fully aware of what is happening, the sooner we can return to real values of human ‘conditioning’ i.e. Love, Compassion etc. etc.
    Lots of love, & thanks.


    1. Dearest Andrew…Thank you for your insights!Always so appreciated…
      Yes we are failing our children…especially those that rely on a Public Education…Children in poverty…who have the same potential, but because of cuts and such unrealistic demands, will not receive the education our free society once believed…


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