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Second Chances…


Many of my children come from homes without structure…Some, may even come from neglect and chaos…I have always believed children are precious and innocent…Their hearts are filled with love…Yet, because of circumstance, some can disturbed and filled with such anger….
Much of my day is teaching my children how to operate safely enabling, empowering and inspiring….

In addition, a lack of funds in Public Education and Title I schools, our resources are greatly lacking, however expectations are quite challenging, More now than ever, we must teach a smaller class sizes to be able to provide more one on one help for our children from these unstructured homes ….How the benefit of a well trained paraprofessional for the most challenged child, who may demand more of my needed time, would provide the much needed support for these children…

Moreover, our school does having a guidance counselor however, is tied up with RTI data and coordinating meetings….Because of lack of funds, those children who would benefit greatly from a strong guidance counseling program, do not receive this support….They do fall through the cracks….

Our school is not able to provide many of our children their chance…We are a family who deserves a chance to become the best!!!