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Our Classroom is a Rainbow…

Our classroom and school makeup, represent a “Rainbow of Diversity”…

Living in a university town, where many of our parents  come from other countries  to  attend…
Our school characterizes a wonderful, blending of different cultures and ethnicity… We have had many children from countries in : Asia, Central and South America, and Africa…

In addition, to such cultural diversity, many of our children come from biracial homes…Our students with such a diversity, I have found, have a better understanding; moreover an appreciation of our similarities with an acceptance of our differences…

Young children are so accepting of our differences….What an opportunity this makes!


7 thoughts on “Our Classroom is a Rainbow…”

  1. I’m minded of an article I read some time ago about the human species having a common ancestor on our female lineage, about 65,000 years ago. That recollection of mine may be accurate to a lesser degree, but the point is that, of course, we all share far more similarities than differences. Things like colour of skin.
    Biologically, we are virtuality no different now than then. Though our lives are much different in certain ways now, as far as needs are concerned we are not. I think in many ways we are poorer.
    Finding ourselves in a ‘melting pot’ of different races/cultures can only be a good thing, and lead, as you say, to much more acceptance towards each other. And I think this process can only come about through love.
    Love to you dear Janis, and a Happy New Year.


    1. Dear Andrew…this is so true in teaching young children…they are so impressionable…When we have discussions about our sameness and differences…especially when we discuss skin colors..They love how I see their color in shades of “yummy chocolate”..My favorite food group…. Thank you for always taking the time to read my posts…I truly appreciate your insights….Janis


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