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Our Children… Springtime Blessings… Peace and Love

That is one good thing about this world…
There are always sure to be more springs…

~ L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea


“I Declare World Peace”…



Retired elementary public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each day…

2 thoughts on “Our Children… Springtime Blessings… Peace and Love

  1. Hi Janis, I would go further than declaring World Peace, I Will it with all my heart and soul. Imagine if seven and a half(ish) of us did the same. Actions, not words. Love, joy and (world) peace. Andrew.


    1. Dearest Andrew…So wonderful hearing from you …I so agree 😢… Our precious children struggle so with the choices adults make…I pray one day that there will be the actions of love and peace..
      Take good care…💗🙏🏼🌈🌻☮️🇺🇦🦋🌍


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