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“What will Happen Now?…


Being an eternal optimist… I must keep my positive outlook… Having had many challenges in my personal life… I as many are feeling in the aftermath of this election, may want to give up the fight…

My positive outlook on life dictates for me not to give up, but rise and a call to action….

We as a People can not… As “Hillary” would emphatically say…

We are Stronger Together… For all that is right in our Country… For our beautiful children who need positive roll models…

Teaching those many years, my children who came into my classroom from poverty and dysfunction in their homes, would listen, with full attention when I would share some of my personal stories coming from a poor single family household…and how I overcame the many challenges I incurred in my life, made me work extra hard, paying my way with loans and grants for my college education; I was always hoping to provide them with insight …and guidance… Our young children want and must need to know…from us…In order to succeed….

Now that this election is over, I am deeply heartsick, and realize how divided our Country is… We as teachers have definitely witnessed how these changes have impacted our children…Children, especially from poverty need those positive role models to guide and direct their future…This is crucial especially those that may not get much if any support from home…

Having listened to such negative and hateful rhetoric, watching our media giving so much attention to getting the story… missed so much… The divide of our people…how their anger affects children, nor really caring about the effect..

As I witnessed first hand in volunteering for Hillary’s campaign this concerns me what kind of message we are giving our children..

However, In my own personal experiences canvassing neighborhoods for this campaign. Flagler County, in a Republican Community in Florida, I did meet many people from different ethnicity, age groups, and genders… I realized…We were all ready working together to get Hillary elected as our President…… I must be positive and hopeful… Those of the many of us; as the popular vote affirms, believe as I do…


We need to keep up the fight for all the beauty our Country has to offer…We must continue speaking out for the “good”… We need to be positive role models for our children…

I feel we will succeed…for our children…This really is their future….!!!


Retired elementary public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each day…

2 thoughts on ““What will Happen Now?…

  1. Hello Janis.
    I’ve been reading your posts and meaning to reply. I haven’t forgotten you, just finding too few moments.
    Following the election in the USA since its beginning, I wasn’t surprised at the result. Though I was disappointed, as much as the result as our brexit. But then I got to thinking: since Trump has no experience in politics, perhaps is not the bigot he is made out to be, and the majority of people anywhere are compassionate, then this result may present an opportunity for any political irregularities to be sorted. Vain hope perhaps. I would have voted Bernie Sanders, but he was edged out (I won’t say by whom). Here is a link to a man I think can express my thoughts better:-
    I was interested to find this on facebook: Methinks governments have been too fixated with sat tests and giving more ‘gifted’ children a competitive edge, so that they’ve messed up what children really need school for. Many schools are now teaching meditation, compassion and empathy. The last two are inherent anyway, but more needed than ever. And I believe children at an early age are very concerned about climate change, some even scared. They can be prepared for future hardships at school by learning how to mitigate the worst. So much work is being done now by many, young and old.
    Sad to find there are far more people being displaced by the effects of climate change than by conflict and war. As at last year. I fear it will get much worse. But I still have hope and faith in humanity.
    Hope you are well,
    Love, joy and peace,


    1. Andrew…So wonderful hearing from you…Glad to hear you are busy…Hope your family is well…
      I was so sorry about what was happening with the outcome of a Brexit vote…; and here we were warned what could happen if Trump was elected….
      And here we are now…I definitely concur with your thoughts…Berne Sanders would have been a stronger perspective…Many of us believed Hillary would have been willing to work with the government in reaching across the aisles…And she was willing to take a more progressive platform…
      As I believe, we can not really be silent…
      Thank you for some articles to read in my search…How I truly appreciate
      our friendship across the Pond…Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season…
      Love, Janis


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