Our Future…Election 2016


Now that I am retired from a forty year career educating  our children, I have more time to continue my passion for “our children’s  right to a strong public education…

I can now be more vocal in the politics, advocating for our children…I have lived through all the changes from the past…Starting back in 1972…To the present when privatization  is weakening public schools, taking tax monies away that  perhaps will destroy public education…

I am now able to volunteer here in Flagler County…Democratic Headquarters for Hillary and  other strong democratic candidates…Such as Patrick Murphy running for the Senate and a local citizen, Adam Morley vying for District 24 seat on Florida’s Legislature…

I have been calling citizens in Flagler and Volusia Counties…. canvassing, and attending a rally in Dayton Beach, Florida, where I actually met Hillary and thanked her for supporting public education…

I feel as many of us do we have to get out and vote…Our general election will be on Tuesday, November 8, 2016…Please, vote…

Our children and their right to a strong public education depend on this election…

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