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Summer…A Time…


This 2013-2014 school year is over…With each year, the summer gives me that chance to reflect…

My first thought, this year especially, is acknowledging  how exhausted I am;  All the extra demands of testing and keeping up the pace of a more challenging curriculum…While striving to keep the children motivated and engaged…

I do also worry how my children spend their summer’s free time…Throughout the school year I spent my teaching time encouraging them the “love of readIng”; encouraging parents to take their child to the public library…And now with their extra time,I do hope my parents do take their child to the public library…  to become the owner of  their personal library card, opening up their “World” to all the joys of the Public Library;  Summer Programs..Movies…Reading Books…And free Computer time!

I will most definitely worry about my children; and  how regularly they eat…So many of them come from challenging homes…Their lives in chaos and our classroom provided them a safety net.. At school they would have their breakfast, lunch, and many snacks…

 Most of all, I too will be able to come back to school in August ready and recharged to be the best I can be… even with all its demands and rigors…Our children deserve no less…

2 thoughts on “Summer…A Time…”

  1. Enjoyed reading your post Janis. Schools here not yet closed for the summer. The infants school lost its headmistress some months ago. Kate lost her fight with cancer, so sad and a great loss to the school and her family. Caroline, the junior head, is retiring this month. She’s been a great asset to the junior school.
    Times move on relentlessly, but at least new talent comes along to fill the void. Hope you enjoy your summer break Janis. I’m not on twitter at the moment, too much to do in the garden and allotment. Take care dear friend, lots love to you,


    1. Andrew… How wonderful to hear from you… You are such a kind, thoughtful man… I always, truly appreciate your comments… They provide me such an insight and a perspective from Great Britain…
      So sorry for the loss of your friend…
      We share so many of the same concerns… I definitely can relate to losing colleagues who may be replaceable… However, those of us who are Veterans, I feel share those values that are irreplaceable…
      I too am planning to retire at the end of this new school year… However will always advocate for children and public education…

      I wish you and your family blessings of love.. joy.. and peace…Janis


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