Final Stretch…


We are now nearing the end of our 2014 year… This is an extremely busy time… Lots to finish up with the children; testing, meetings,cleaning up and record keeping; and all of this, of course, while keeping the children engaged…

We enjoy taking field trips, especially the end of the year field trip to a park; where we celebrate our year with parents and family with a cookout…. Thanking them for supporting our program…..

I am always utilizing my creativity and still find ways to keep teaching until the end, hopefully my children will have the foundation to be ready for second grade…. I will miss them and of course, worry….For them the summer is a long time….

2 thoughts on “Final Stretch…

  1. andrewmstevenson says:

    Summer really is a long time, as I remember from my childhood. Now, I try to live in the moment. And that comes easy, when I try to remember what day it is!
    I’m sure most of your children will remember you as “the bestest teacher ever”, to their own children at a future time. I hope by then all nations will have learned to live in peace.
    Bye for now, love,joy,peace.


    • janisexton says:

      Thank you so very much, Dear Andrew…
      Summer for children is a long time…
      I do try to show my love is unconditional… Especially for my challenges… Each child gets a “hugabug”… and a “peck” on their forhead at the end of each day…
      I hope you and your family are enjoying time in your garden…Janis😍


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