Reflections on my Teaching…


I am quite proud to have been a teacher for almost 41 years… I came to teaching quite  by accident… First, wanting to become an artist; fashion designer…Then because of my challenging childhood I had a strong need to help others….So, in my senior year I decided on becoming a social worker, attending Florida State University in Tallahassee…

I had an uncle who had suggested to me becoming a teacher would better suit me …He believed it was a more stable career for a “girl”… Then on one particular day, which I have  never forgotten; in my senior English class, my young, favorite, pretty teacher;  Ms. Kempler, commented she liked my dress… She said that it reminded her of the University of Florida.  It was the University’s colors of “orange and blue”…How, I did appreciate her comment!  Back then, I felt so unnoticed ..   Ms. Kempler had gone to a university in Florida; in a town, Gainesville… I did not even know the school, nor even the town, Gainesville…

Well, it was then decided, I was to become a teacher, and go to the University of Florida…  Thank you…Dear Ms. Kempler….

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