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Florida Turns Attention to Alternate Tests Amid Feud with College Board …

Jeffrey S. SolochekTimesPublished Feb. 20

The big story: Florida’s dispute with the College Board continued to broaden, with Gov. Ron DeSantis’ suggestions that perhaps the state can do without the organization’s courses and exams beginning to take shape.

Top state officials said they had been in conversations with Classic Learning Test — developed in part by DeSantis appointee to the New College board of trustees Mark Bauerlein — to implement that exam as an alternate to the College Board’s SAT. The Classic Learning Test supporters tout it as being focused on the “great classical and Christian tradition,” a movement that has been gaining traction in some charter and private school circles…

A move away from the College Board would not come without consequences. Tens of thousands of teens take Advanced Placement courses annually with the hope of earning college-level credits. They also take the group’s SAT test to help them earn university entrance and Bright Futures scholarship eligibility. Here are four things to know as the state ponders the role of the College Board.

The discussion about the organization’s future in Florida arose as an offshoot of DeSantis’ objections to some of the content in the proposed AP African American studies course. He called for changes before he would allow the Department of Education to consider approving it for use in Florida’s public schools. Much of the dispute centered on key ideas and phrases that have become politicized. The Washington Post examines how the course language changed over time.

Four other states now are reviewing whether the course meets their policies and laws on teaching about race, Axios reports.

The argument has become much more than academic. Black leaders and activists are vowing to take to the streets to fight against what they view as DeSantis’ assault on civil rights. The conservatives are standing firm in their effort to advance a counter-revolution and purge what they call “woke-ness” out of the schools, government and society…

The Rev. Al Sharpton speaks to a crowd of hundreds from the steps of the Senate portico during the National Action Network demonstration in response to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ rejection of a high school African American history course, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023 in Tallahassee, Fla…

Some people have asked whether DeSantis took any AP courses while attending Dunedin High. The Daily Beast published a page from his yearbook indicating that he was given an AP American History Award in 1996…

(Alicia Devine /Tallahassee Democrat via AP) [ ALICIA DEVINE | AP ]


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