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How many more times before this is enough…???!!! #GunReform

Columbine…Sandy Hook… Parkland school shootings…and the list can go on…

I truly believed after Sandy Hook…We would have addressed gun reform…Then we even had a shooting here in Florida, with the Parkland shooting!

And still nothing got done… School shootings really are a sad reality of our society….Today’s children practice gun safety drills, regularly in their classrooms…

And how many more times before this catastrophic occurrence will be enough?…
When our precious children are dealing with so much?…

And then… once again;

A dangerously troubled young boy, with the ideology he may have learned at home with guns available…kills four students…

This truly is the time!!!

We must have gun reform and resources for children…


BREAKING: The parents of the Michigan school shooting suspect have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the aftermath of the horrific Nov. 30 attack that left four teens dead and seven people injured, including a teacher.

The decision to pursue criminal charges against James and Jennifer Crumbley โ€” who once thanked Donald Trump for โ€œmy right to bear armsโ€ โ€” is a rarity in the U.S. legal system.

Parents of shooting suspect ‘had every reason to know he was dangerous’: Prosecutor…


Retired elementary public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each dayโ€ฆ

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