My Time is “Now”…

This is my “now”…I am in my final week of my thirty-eight years as a teacher, advocating for our children, dating back from 1972…

So many memories; so many lives of my precious children I have touched…

My feelings about my retirement are mixed…

However I will and must continue this fight advocating for our children and their right for a strong public education…

I have dedicated this passionate journey for them!

Our Children… With my love and passion…Thank you for all you gave to me!

Janis Sexton…

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2 thoughts on “My Time is “Now”…

  1. andrewmstevenson says:

    My sincere apologies for not replying to your posts dear Janis, but am hoping you are well and enjoying the summer. I have been busy in the garden and house; so little time online I’ve almost forgotten what to do.
    Sending you love, joy and peace,


    • janisexton says:

      Oh Andrew…I am Sooo happy to hear from you… I do hope you have peace, love, and joy in your life… I did retire, and I am finding my new path… Take good care… Love to you and your family, Janis


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