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“We are a Team…Children…Parents”

How I appreciate my parents… Parent involvement is essential…

Teaching at a school with a diverse community…I do not always get the support and involvement of my parents…

Our school community works hard trying to get our parents involved….We have many school activities that include children and refreshments to encourage… This year especially, with all the new curriculum and expectations of our children, I must continue reaching for the support of our parents…..

Communication and involvement make the difference…

Our Fall Festival this month… will be a time to conference with parents…Any chance I can get is an opportunity…

Other opportunities help bridge our communication; Having lunch at school with your child… Volunteering at school…

We so appreciate our parents…We are a team…


Retired elementary public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each day…

5 thoughts on ““We are a Team…Children…Parents”

  1. I think parents should realise their help is important for the welfare of their children’s school, as well as their education. Perhaps many of them do, but neglect to turn up at said school, for a handful of reasons; some may even be valid.
    However, sadly they are missing out:-
    Meeting their children’s teachers.
    Chasing their children’s progress, or lack.
    Meeting other parents.
    Assessing the school environment.
    And many more I’m sure you know of. Sue and I went to all our boys parent/teachers meetings, and learned a lot. We made many friends too. It wasn’t the case with our children, but now schools desperately need help with extra-curriculum activities. Perhaps employers should make it easier for their employees to do this.
    Thanks for your post Janis,
    Lots love. me.


  2. Thank you…Andrew, I can not tell you how I appeciate your comments…It does give me such a great insight and perspective from a parent and from another Country…With this insight, we share so many of the same thoughts..In the end, those children who have involved parents, benifit the most…. Janis


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