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Feeding Children in Poverty at School


As a teacher of young children, I see how hungry my students are everyday…They have a hard time concentrating and tell me they are hungry… Many come to school each morning  to get their breakfast and lunch…We have those  students who do not qualify for free meals, and our school will provide just a  sandwich… We also have a “Backpack Food Program” filled with food items from donations, from a caring church in our community… Those children who are in such need take home their backpacks weekly to share with their families…In addition to all this support, it is not unusual for me, as well as other teachers  to help out with food drives for our children…I also provide a nutritional snack daily; in addition to keeping other food items in our classroom …

Food is essential for our children to be able to learn….No child can be motivated and eager when they are deprived of food….

2 thoughts on “Feeding Children in Poverty at School”

  1. My heart goes out to all children in need of food, wether students or not. So it’s good to read of your efforts, and those of others you mentioned, to redress this problem. In a more equitable society, there would be little need, but since we are not there yet,
    Thank you, Janis.


    1. Andrew, How thoughtful you are…always…Yes in a kinder, generous World…This would not be an issue…We are blessed to have caring individuals who do what they can…And at least my class, I do make sure eats their breakfast, snack..lunch…So they can learn….Love…Joy…Peace💝


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