Am I Successful in My Teaching?



Being a teacher has been my mission on my life’s journey;   It is my passion… From my very beginning in 1972, I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life…  

There were other roads I could have taken, administration; guidance counseling, teaching at the college level…. All these I  opportunities to leave the classroom, but I did not choose those paths… I am a teacher…

I felt my need was to teach  and inspire  all  children, especially those children who needed my love and  safety…How that makes me feel with this choice, as a teacher and an individual… impacting children’s lives for me has been a gift…

2 thoughts on “Am I Successful in My Teaching?

  1. andrewmstevenson says:

    Your heart obviously made the right choice. So many these days let their head decide life’s choices, as in asking: well, what’s in it for me; how does this progress my career etc..Passion, service to others don’t come into it. Teaching a child must be a privilege, wether the child is gifted or not. In fact, I think every child has a special gift that needs the right tutor to bring it out. And parents who understand their child and he/she’s relationship with the teacher. A partnership.


    • janisexton says:

      Thank you so much…Being a teacher for so long has been my journey…I do feel “Our Higher Power” led me to this place…Today’s challenges compared to days long ago, may be greater…However the children I teach today, I feel I am making a difference in their lives…Janis


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