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Teaching and Technology

Today teachers do need to be proficient in technology; demonstrating their expertise utilizing  all that is necessary to teach children… 


We have smartboards that have taken the place of the chalk board;white board….  We utilize the computer to communicate with teachers, administration, and even with parents through our webpages ..Lesson plans and grades are all required to be done on the computer where information can be shared….Children are required to learn math and reading skills on the many websites that are available on the computer…along with learning to access information for  research on the computer …Keeping lists of websites and computer resources are a must for today’s teacher…

When I first began in 1972,  all I had to be concerned with was a ditto machine  and overhead projector…Even back then,  I was not comfortable utilizing  technology…And now, a teacher of today must be able to keep up with all the demands of technology…I have had to learn…

I was not a willing participant…I am a Baby Boomer, not savvy in this new technology…When I taught fifth grade, my students helped me boot the system up and access what was necessary back in the “nineties”…I was even known to take out a computer… destroy the Mother Board…My reputation on my faculty was that I needed to stay away from computers;  I was  quite dangerous…

I  am proud to say with the turn of the century in this new millenium, I have learned how to become somewhat computer literate…I am not too proud to ask for help, and I have been determined to teach this “old dog a new trick”….As I have told my children many times: “Never Give Up”!


Retired elementary public school teacher; all thirty-eight years in Florida... Now spending my time advocating for our children, and their right to strong public school education...With an appreciation for the arts and the beauty in each day…

4 thoughts on “Teaching and Technology

  1. Like you Janis, I have seen great changes in technology and our dependence on it. In school, I didn’t use a slide rule, as some did, but log tables. I can’t remember wether we were allowed them in exams.
    Before that, in junior school, were the times tables, which we were required to learn studiously. The black board wasn’t always static, the later ones revolved vertically on a narrow roll. To be removed of chalk by the blackboard monitor.
    At home, my children started with an Atari ST. We then progressed through a number of more able machines. Finally ending with a laptop. Now I use an I Pad, as apparently do many school children.
    I have mixed feelings about computers, or tablets, in schools. As a research tool, fine. The problem I have is when talk is about being disadvantaged without a computer background. Well, dyslectic children grown into successful adults, not being diagnosed, would say they overcame their ‘disability’ by being more determined.
    Of course, it is impossible to ignore them now, or even where business is concerned, live without them. And there lies the potential catastrophe of computer meltdown. I must admit, I would find it difficult to do a long division now, that I could do with ease in junior school!
    As to social media, I am definitely a convert, as you know. Apart from cyber-bullying, twitter & co can be beneficial for children too. But not too much. Well conducted research is a brilliant tool, for young or old, though, if not focused, can be a time waster, like flicking up and down channels with a remote on the TV.
    So, computers; good and bad. But they aren’t going away. Now, 3D printing? In a school near you, probably now!


    1. Thank you so much Andrew, yes computers are not going away…In fact our President would like to have more access to computer technology in our classrooms…I do feel the computer should not take the place of teaching…They are a good resource…When in use, teacher do need to monitor and make sure children are using them appropriately…I did have a few children have difficulty just logging on; learning how to use the computer…Most, were quick with the technology…

      This year, I will have to learn a new program to work on my lesson plans, which I am not looking forward, but I will not give up! It took me forever to learn the one we had been using…


      1. Over here, there is a plan to teach children to program in simple computer languages. I suppose, come the day of artificial intelligence, they will be obsolete anyway. But not teachers, never teachers. AI would be good for T Assistants, but they can’t hug an upset child. Tech’ can be a good tool, but never our master. I hope, in the future, tech’ will be simpler, and all of it open source.
        What a way to build a new world! Everything free, sharing what we have and what we need. Coming to a planet near us soon, underneath our feet!
        Love, joy, peace.


      2. Thank you so very much, Andrew…Yes, I feel the same way…Perhaps this will be another cost effective approach to cut another educational expense…However,You can not replace a strong, nurturing, effective teacher with a computer program…Computers do supplement our teaching…I just want to leave this world in a better place…

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